Advanced Reporting

A built-in integrated business intelligence system will provide you with all you need to know and more.
Secure log-in to our advanced report system, will enable you as a publisher or an advertiser to stay updated by presenting you with the latest and most extensive data available regarding the installation process.
Reports and statistics sent from our server side installer are being collected and aggregated into our report system continuously in order to make it easier for you to monitor the performance of your installer and optimize the revenue and the process as a whole.


A built-in integrated business intelligence system will provide you with all you need to know and more.


Secure log-in to our advanced report system, will enable you as a publisher or an advertiser to stay updated by presenting you with the latest and most extensive data available regarding the installation process.

Reports and statistics

Reports and statistics sent from our server side installer are being collected and aggregated into our report system continuously in order to make it easier for you to monitor the performance of your installer and optimize the revenue and the process as a whole.

A/B testing

Improve your installer performance by A/B testing it.
Fast customization of the installer’s template, objects sizes, texts and colors are among many other variants that are easy to change and take live to the market with the built-in ability to measure the modifications impact continuously.


InstalleRex is equipped with an automatic targeting engine which enables it to provide the user with an installation process, products and additional offers that suite him the most, taking into consideration the user’s profile attributes such as country, operating system and more.
The targeting engine is fully configurable and enables the account manager to modify the installation process derived from the end user characteristics.

Optimization engine

Increasing your product offer take rates, gaining higher conversion rate for the different monetization tools offered and selecting the best tools that will grant you the highest revenue, InstalleRex will optimize both the installation process and the revenue per install.
The optimization is done using a unique algorithm which takes into account a large amount of parameters in order to bring the best installer to the end-user.
Combining the A/B testing, increased success rate, reporting, targeting and optimization engines, makes InstalleRex a unique and complete solution for your install needs.

Installation Success Rate

Our installation technology, which includes low operating system dependency and online reports regarding each and every step of the installation process, will enable us at InstalleRex to improve the success rate of your product installation.


Our fully configurable installer enables us to change the installer’s looks, feel and flow to meet your needs and present your brand using a high quality platform.
Change the screens, logos, different objects and installation flow and create a branded installer to go with your product and create a great user experience which will make the install process easy to go through.


InstalleRex provides you with a vast selection of recommended offers from the best advertisers in the market and lets you choose which of these offers you want to go along with your product in order to monetize it.
InstalleRex enables you to choose the amount, looks and category of the monetization tools which will help you to eventually optimize revenues gained from your product installation.
Integrated with InstalleRex’s optimization engine, the installer will real-time bid between the offers approved by you and will create the most profitable installation flow possible within the limitations you set as a publisher.
*All of our offers are provided by well-known and trusted advertisers in order to maintain a high compliance level and ensure the end-user security.


publishers and Developers

Our satisfaction is our publishers’ satisfaction! we aim to provide the highest quality of service to our publishers that build our lifelong relationships.
We form close and trustworthy partnerships with our publishers by utilizing the expertise of our team and our proprietary technology, and most importantly we guarantee the highest rates in the market
Our promise is to keep the sites friendly and clean while maximizing the publishers’ revenue.
InstalleRex currently works with over 160 direct deals and partnerships from all around the world and therefore works around the clock.
Our team and service are provided in most widespread languages including English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Arabic.
With partners around the globe, our motivated team is available and accessible 24/7 in order to ease our publishers’ experience.
“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs


Our advertisers get the best of all worlds.
Products are delivered to their target market after a smart learning process giving the advertiser maximum reach with minimum hassle and a tailor-made campaign.
Our technology facilitates higher conversion rates which translate to immediate results – secure and quick installs.
With over 30M daily active users in more than 200 countries around the globe who generate around 500K daily installs, InstalleRex is one of the top distribution platforms of its kind in the world.

Increase your revenue and broaden your reach using our InstalleRex:

Quick Installation: increase in successful installs rate.

Global Reach: Advertisers can enjoy a world-wide distribution and access to millions of users on a daily basis.

Perfect Match: InstalleRex functions in various models which can be customized and thus perfectly match your product. InstalleRex helps boost conversion rates by creating the best matches between your product and the right users.

Reporting System: InstalleRex provides you with access to real time data via our sophisticated reporting system and lets you get all the information you need in order to make instant changes to optimize results.

about us

who we are

Established in 2010, InstalleRex
is a customized-installation platform which has become an industry leader in providing both publishers and advertisers with a variety of solutions, to increase user interaction while optimizing the monetization process involved.
Leaning on its top-edge developers, InstalleRex works with more than 200 Advertisers and more then 1000 softwer developer and publishers, which are among the biggest toolbar, add-ons and search engine companies in the industry.
InstalleRex offers online software distributors a complete ecosystem for downloadable applications including all aspects of user acquisition, conversion, monetization, integrated analytics and optimization.

our team members

Our team consists of the sharpest minds available out there.
From a large group of very experienced developers and engineers to passionate and talented business development and marketing divisions, our young spirit, knowledge, experience and hunger for giving the best service to our customers - are always present.


Join the InstalleRex Team!

Start exploring the exciting career opportunities we have available at our Tel Aviv office: If you are passionate about the Internet and are looking to indulge into the online, mobile and video marketing industry, then come learn from the most exciting, fast growing company in the download monetization space. We are constantly on the look-out for talented professionals that are pursuing an inspiring career. So join our dynamic, energetic and winning team now! Send us your CV if you are looking for an out-of-the-box thinking environment, with vibrant and ambitious professionals.

current open positions

  • C++ Developer – Position Open – urgently looking for a Genius!!!
    We are seeking for Top Talent “Hands–On” Senior C++ Developer with proven experience.
    This is a senior level position and the candidate must have an in-depth understanding of the Internet World, and the ability to work and think creatively in a fast-paced environment, on multiple projects.
    100% hands on!!!
    Key technical requirements for this role include:
    -5+ years developing experience with C++, ATL & COM Experience with MFC
    -Strong understanding of system architecture and design
    -Further requirements: (must!!)
    -Developed “Agent” like product
    -Malware/ AV researcher
    -Very strong understanding in the Windows platform

  • Senior Web Developer (Ninja)- URGENT!!!!!
    NINJA Javascripter WANTED!!!
    We are seeking for Top Talent “Hands–On” Senior PHP Developer with proven experience from a young age.
    This is a senior level position and the candidate must have an in-depth understanding of the Internet World. He must “live – and – breath” the Web! Knowing everything there is to know about the Web is a must, not an advantage!
    Must have the ability to work and think creatively in a fast-paced environment, on multiple projects simultaneously.
    The candidate must have a passion for his work, and be up-to-date on the latest industry technologies.
    Developer must have a solid end-to-end ability (back-end and front-end) – MUST!!!!!
    -Ninja JS
    -Expert knowledge and experience in all kind of web server technologies.
    -Expert knowledge of HTML, CSS (CSS3 and HTML5 – major bonus)
    -Advanced knowledge of jQuery, AJAX, OOP JS
    -Advanced knowledge of databases – (at least in one) MySQL/PostgreSQL, MongoDB
    -Solid understanding of WAMP/LAMP/LEMP (nginx)
    -Bash/Shell scripting
    -GIT/SVN (or any other source control knowledge)

  • Mid JAVA Developer
    Design and develop high-volume, low-latency applications for mission-critical systems, delivering high-availability and performance.
    Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle.
    Write well designed, testable, efficient code.
    Ensure designs are in compliance with specifications.
    Prepare and produce releases of software components.
    Desired Skills and Experience
    -A minimum of 3 years of hands-on work experience in full life-cycle development, with in-depth experience in service or software development J2EE
    -Experience with MVC , JDBC, Maven, Hibernate, JUnit etc.
    -Proven track record of success with J2EE projects
    -Strong Object-Oriented Analysis and Design experience
    -Thorough understanding of standard enterprise application requirements, including scalability, performance, reliability, high availability etc.
    -Solid understanding of database concepts.
    -Experience with Javascript (including JS frameworks),Angular-JS , browser’s plug-ins and web orientation.

    Experience with Algorithms development – an advantage.
    Experience with developing applications using Nginx framework – an advantage.
    Experience with developing applications using Vertx - an advantage.
    Experience with developing applications using Python - an advantage.
    Active involvement in Agile development process – an advantage.

    English at a very high level both written and spoken

  • Product Manager
    Managing the entire product life cycle from strategic planning to production
    Driving a solution set across development teams through market requirements.
    Developing and implementing a company-wide go-to-market plan, whilst working with all departments to execute.
    -2+ years of software product management experience.
    -Knowledgeable in technology.
    -Computer Science/Engineering degree or work experience is a strong plus.
    -MUST: Familiar with monetization and web products
    -Demonstrated success defining and launching excellent products

  • Account Manager
    Job Description
    We are looking for vibrant, young people, looking to grow and succeed in our company. If you are looking for a challenge and want to explore the Internet Industry – then Installerex is the right company for you.
    You will be responsible for the services and solutions provided to key clients, overseeing the technical and performance aspects of web campaigns, as well as up-sales and of new marketing solutions.
    The position requires true ability to manage several accounts simultaneously. The role requires frequent daily contact with overseas clients over mail, phone and chat. Thus your English is vital.
    -Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
    -Fluent English - advantage
    -Excellent organizational skills
    -Multi tasking and ability to communicate effectively with diverse contacts.
    -Proficiency and interest in working with computer applications and the internet
    -Must be a team player

  • Media Buyer – Job Description
    Searching for an experienced Media Buyer to lead the field in one of the leading Internet Companies in the industry. An Internet Savvy, who would like the opportunity to learn and excel in the field of online media. The candidate will be responsible for setting-up the company’s online media-buying department, thus requiring a lot of experience and a deep understanding of the market. This is a position which requires a lot of dedication and utmost knowledge in order to succeed and conquer the industry.
    The job includes purchasing media space (specifically on AppNexus and Google) and establishing and maintaining business relationships with world-wide publishers.
    The position requires knowledge in Affiliate Marketing, as well as good time management skills and adjusting to an independent work environment.
    -Team leader or senior position in previous company.
    -Knowledge of both advertiser and media management.
    -Minimum 1 years’ experience as a media buyer (Appnexus knowledge – is a big advantage!)
    -High level English, both written and oral
    -Team oriented person
    -Assertive with strong negotiation skills.
    -Full proficiency in Excel.

  • Analyst – Web Pick Ltd.
    Want to be part of a successful, growing company?
    This role is perfect for someone who has 0-3 years of work experience, and who thrives in an extremely analytical, data centric role.
    We are searching for a seasoned analyst to provide reporting and insights for online campaigns, including measuring and optimizing lift in campaign response rates, and analyzing the drivers of conversion. You will also analyze and report on the effectiveness of different targeting methods and help create new reporting products. You will have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. This role requires an individual with excellent analytical abilities who wants to answer business questions rather than just produce reports.
    Key Responsibilities
    -Take ownership of reporting and analytics for online advertising campaigns and for new fields in the internet industry.
    -Make recommendations for new reporting, metrics, techniques, and strategies to improve campaign targeting and measurement in the future.
    Basic Qualifications
    -SQL – required (MySQL, PostgreSQL – advantage)
    -0-3 years of work experience
    -Proficiency in Excel - required
    -Degree in Industrial Engineering / C.S. / Mathematics / Economics - required

Client Reviews


Karin Poleschuk

Marketing & Media Manager

About:: Safari Company, a part of MENELIK Group, specializes in producing custom tours, live Africa for many years and a strong field, culture and deep relationships with local leading company producing Private Travel and Incentive trips to Africa. Ronit Hershkovitz, the owners of the company was a Honorary Consul of Tanzania and Zanzibar for 10 years and in these days serve as honorary consul of Zambia.
The solution: “…Thank's to InstalleRex our customers can easily download and install our app, Our installs improved and increased significantly ,They are very professional and accompanied us at every step of the way and they guided us in this cooperation. The product is very relevant and updated by our and our costumers needs. It’s a Great tool and very usable. We are very satisfied with the service and professionalism of Installerex”.


Roei Yedidia

Marketing Manager

About:: Our Company comprises departments headed by graduates of Israel special army divisions. All heads of the departments passed special training and can provide the best answer to all safety and security cases. All our employees used to belong to combat units and have an extensive security experience.We focus our efforts on the best level professionalism and skills in any security cases, causing minimal damage for the surrounding and maximal success for our Clients. Our Company provides a wide range of safety and security services.
The solution: “…Thanks to the cooperation with Installerex, we use a brilliant product through our customers stay up to date with our activities and all the important information. The whole process was quick and professional and the results are more than impressive.”


Amir Haddad

Marketing Manager

About:: Ravaklik changes the culture and approach to the field of bachelor parties. Today it's possible to build a party perfectly through the internet when Ravaklik offers everything that is needed for the event and even gives the customers ideas beyond what they had imagined. Big plus is the ability to manage the reservation just as inviting holiday, the arrival to the event when everything is ready and above all - the ability to split the payment between participants on the Site (interfacing with friends on Facebook).
The solution: “…Thanks to cooperation with Installerex, there is a browser extension in our site for the customers that gives them quick and easy access to their order management page or quick access wizard ordering a new event. Big thanks!”


Azarya Perl


About:: Amishav group is engaged in security, cleaning, and technology services.The company maintains the family spirit, thanks to its high level of customer service.The Senior staff in the company is experienced and has served in various security systems around the country.
The solution: “…Thanks to Installerex who developed the application, our customers enjoy locating information easily and more efficiently.”


Erez Merav

Content Manager

About:: HAPISGA guide specializes in the examination and presentation of luxury, romantic holiday cabins based on their ranking of quality. Each cabin is exposed to real criticism of the users, which rank them according to fixed parameters. All the cabins' data is presented in a transparent manner, included with customer reviews and and with an untouched photo gallery.
The solution: “…We found the idea of the Browser Extension suitable for those who visit our site regularly. Through the extension they can get the hottest categories quickly and efficiently. We chose to expose the latest topics on the extension: Available cabins for each coming weekend; the cabins who received particularly high ratings; and benefits and perks of each cabin. The process was professional, quick and efficient regarding all levels of design and implementation of the extension, according to our personal requests.”


Asaf Nachshon

Business Development Manager

About:: BioCure offers a unique response to the health challenges of the 21st century. We provide a range of diagnostic solutions and custom fit a range of treatments especially for each patient. Our medicine is advanced and non-invasive by Global Diagnostics that provides a fast and accurate diagnosis for combined therapeutic solutions. The team's ambition is to solve medical problems now and in the future.
The solution: “…By partnering with Installerex, We manage to maintain a direct and continuous contact with our clients. It is very important for us to take care of customers for long periods.Their technology allows us to update the customers directly with innovations and upgrades in BioCure.”


Yechezkel Portowicz

Associate General Manager

About:: The Jaffa Institute aims to break the cycle of poverty through nutritional, therapeutic and educational support. With our work focused in south Tel Aviv and Jaffa, we operate over 30 projects reaching out to over 4,000 individuals on an annual basis.
The solution: “…With Installerex our supporters across the world can keep updated on our projects. They can see our pictures, posts and see the latest developments within the organisation. Through this amazing tool, we can reach out to even more people and in doing so, develop our donor base.”


Tal Falach

Marketing Manager

About:: Billabong Israel is a chain surf store for throughout the country from North to South of Israel, established by Billy House Ltd. The store chain has 30 branches, including one branch of Billabong Board Shop Kids in Ramat – Aviv mall and one flagship store at Sheinkin street. The Store design is clean and contemporary, combining natural materials and you will be able to feel inside the unique lifestyle and total atmosphere of the world of surfing. You will find at chain stores a wide range of products of the Australian surfing company – BILLABONG. In addition, you will find other major surfing, skateboarding and art brands:ELEMENT, EDEN, RVCA, VON ZIPPER, KUSTOM, DOT DASH, PALMERS (House brands) And other brands such as: NIKE, REEF, VANS. Billabong adopts the marketing concept of Billabong international, accordingly, since its inception it contributes and leads its activities promoting skiing and skateboarding around the world, including sponsorships for competitions and the consistent care of outstanding surfers and skateboarders. In addition, the Company's activities include projects and ongoing collaborations with the "Zalul" Organization to protect the coasts of Israel and strengthen the awareness of protecting the environment.
The solution: “…The cooperation with Installerex helps Billabong to achieve one of its main goals – Increasing awareness to the world of skiing and skating in Israel. In addition, it allows anyone who loves this world to maintain current and updated information in an easy and comfortable way.”


Tali Kaffe

Marketing Manager

About:: Homeland doesn’t act like,think like, create like, market or sell like any other real estate company. Our company is located in the city of Tel - Aviv and suited to its atmosphere / alternative nature.
The solution: “…Thanks to Installerex, our customers stay updated 24/7 with all the new and important properties and help them to find their next home easily.”


Osnat Atar

Founder of the association

About:: Over 700,000 people in Israel, approximately 17% of the adult population in Israel, suffer from some form of rheumatic disease. This disease affects the lives of 700,000 people, together with their families and people who take care of them.
Inbar was established in 1985 by a group of patients in cooperation with senior rheumatologists in Israel. Ever since, Inbar has become a central place of calling for rheumatic patients and their families throughout the country for a broad range of diseases, caring for them and helping them to live worthy lives, despite their illness. They strive to provide appropriate relief for the unique problems characterizing this population of rheumatic patients. We think and live our rheumatic illness every day. The patients are involved in the administration of the organization, providing funding to maintain its existence and taking part in all activities as volunteers.
The aims are To provide support for the patients, encourage welfare activities and care for their quality of life, expand knowledge and provide information on rheumatic diseases and patient rights and enhance awareness to rheumatic diseases and the damage that they cause.
The solution: “…Thanks to the technology of Installerex, our friends, donors, volunteers and families can keep updated with all our activities”


Ilana konstantinovsky

Founder of the association

About:: Healing Teddies R.A is an is an Israeli registered nonprofit dedicated to distribute sweet and loving teddy bears to cancer patients, victims of severe traumas and children and adults in need for healing and recovery in Israel and even beyond. They bears gain positive energies, original tags with small hugging instructions attached to their little chests and our sincere wishes for speedy recovery. But what makes them even more loving creatures than they already are is the fact that they are all distributed voluntarily and unconditionally out of pure love and giving.
The solution: “…The extension helps us keep in touch with the active people in the organization and update them on the activities of it. We were surprised to hear that many people have downloaded the extension and are pleased that many want to keep up our efforts through it.”


Shirlee Harel


About:: Lev Ohev is a non-profit organization that supports children and youth in Israel who have special needs and/or are at risk. Lev Ohev is dedicated to the principle that all children and youth are entitled to have the social and material resources to be healthy, educated and productive members of their communities. Our vision is Supporting the improvement of the well-being of children and youth at risk.
The solution: “…The plug in has helped Lev Ohev's supporters and friends stay updated with our acitivites. Thanks to the tool we can gain more awareness and support from business leaders in supporting childen and youth at risk around Israel.”



Gary Rot CEO

About:: EMDA - the Alzheimer's Association of Israel – is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 by family members of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.
The solution: “…Thanks to Installerex, our members, volunteers, families and donors can be updates live 24/7 with our activities and events”


Adi Ouziel

DIgital Marketing

About::L'Occitane en Provence is an international retailer of body, face, and home products based in Manosque, France. The company was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan with the purpose to create a company that celebrates and preserves the traditions of his native Provence. All of L'Occitane's products are developed and produced from its base in Manosque, where 1,000 employees work.[6] The company sources the majority of its production from Provence and one of their main product l'Immortelle plants (Helichrysum italicum) from Corsica from producers who rely on traditional production methods.These days the company has more than 2,000 stores worldwide.
The solution: “…the tool helps our customers stay up to date with our activities, new product development etc.”


Assaf Atia


About::TenYad is a company that founded by friends for friends, we promote Group Buying at our website to help people re-group and buy their wanted products very cheap.
The solution: “…Thanks to InstalleRex, our members are updated 24/7 with all the new products and deals at our website.”


End user privacy and security are extremely important to us, therefore we insist on undergoing the most extensive security checks in order to make sure our users get only trusted application and a safe download and installation process. Being tested and certified on a daily basis, we maintain the highest standard of protecting our users from identity theft, viruses, spyware, and other online threats.




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